While the chakras are usually thought of as an eastern teaching, this is far from the the whole story, as chakra systems are found all over the world in cultures both east and west. The common ROYGBIV approach found in current western yoga popularity is just one of a myriad of approaches, being practiced and discovered around the world, which utilize various sets of energy centers and meanings in the body in order to realize various results.

For the purposes of this deck I have chosen to marry the concepts of certain elements with certain chakras. This is not meant to be a final word on any element or chakra, but a starting point for inquiry and a reference point for later, down the road in one’s practices. That said, these associations can take the sincere practitioner quite far.

This deck uses a base of five elements, expanded to seven in order to express the elemental principles at play in the subtler and subtler realms of inquiry. Each element is then attributed to a chakra as follows:

Earth – Root Chakra
Water – Sacral Chakra
Fire – Solar Plexus Chakra
Air – Heart Chakra
Spirit – Throat Chakra
Celestial – Third Eye Chakra
Dimensional – Crown Chakra

Using the above approach one can see in each card not just a relationship between two elements, but also a relationship between two chakras. In my experience with the chakras I have found that it is not just important to heal, nourish, balance, align and so forth, each chakra, but also to to learn how they relate to each other, the influence and empowerments they offer one another in the wholeness of life as a being of energy.

A Note on Colors

This deck loosely follows a color scheme drawn from modern western esoteric elemental color attributions. It is not meant to be a statement of color coded theory but rather uses such theory as a starting point from which to express itself artistically. If you are familiar with the ROYGBIV color theory of the chakras mentioned above, you will no doubt instantly notice that this deck make no use of it.

In my years as a clairvoyant and esoteric practitioner I have found that color theories fall flat in the face of actual experience. Of course, a little theory can be useful in hunting down meaning, so I have used just enough to give inspiration, but not so much as to imply that any one color should or does mean any one thing.