Wild Harmonic Coherency Cards
Elemental Play

What follows are some ways to use the elemental meanings on the cards in any reading.

Expanding Elements

Having contemplated the way in which the two elements on any card are illustrated in order to present how they relate, come up with your own.

Consider first the main element in the card (the one listed in the title after “of”). Imagine how that element exists within nature (this can be in the mind/being if it is Spirit/Celestial/Dimensional). Then imagine the influencing element and how that element can play upon the first. For instance Wind of Earth is illustrated in this deck with the basic idea the shared breath of plants and animals via the leaves of the trees. How else might these two elements illustrate their relationship? Perhaps the erosion of earth via wind in the canyon. Perhaps the stirring of earth into a whirlwind.

Once you have your own idea or ideas of how these elements could relate, play with how this is demonstrating a life principle of some kind. Using the example of a wind that erodes a canyon I might come up with the idea of how words/ideas can be used to clear away obstacles and create channels for energetic flow. Remember you are asking life, your life, to tell it something, to learn something, about itself. Be creative.

Accumulating Elements

In multi-card readings it can be an interesting point of inquiry to add up how many of each element has been drawn. Using this information one can discern that the overall situation is ruled by one or more elements, or balanced in some interesting ways which then informs a deeper understanding of the other layers of the cards.