Wild Harmonic Coherency Cards
Playing with Cards

Using a deck of cards for divination is a very old way of sacred play/inquiry. When we draw cards in this way, whether we are reading or another is, we are taking a moment to ask ourselves for direction and insight. What better game could there be?

In my experience life is not meant to be settled once and for all. This deck is never meant to get you to a destination, but rather to give you navigation points in between the heres and theres.

In this same spirit I offer up some card spreads, and of course card interpretations, with no intention that they be the final word. While I am not saying you can put words in my mouth, I am intending that my words be the jumping off points for your own discovery of what all these cards can point to.

Perhaps these cards will have a secret magical influence on you, helping you to equilibrate your elements and open portals to deeper communion with creativity. Perhaps they will enhance your communication skills with the various aspects of your being, funding a more functional discussion so that all can better get what they are after. Perhaps they will form an inter-dimensional gateway for your to walk through, purely to discover what is on the other side. It is not for me to say nor require.

With that, I hand my creation to you, so curious as to what you will find.

If you are an experienced cartomancer you may read these cards in any way you see fit, but the deck is designed with an idea of reading in order to return to coherency. What is “coherency?” It is a word that points to an alignment of inner and outer, of below and above, of immanence and transcendence.

Reading the Cards

To this end the most basic way to use the cards is to take a moment to tune in with yourself. Close your eyes and ask yourself “what is present for me right now?” Shuffle and draw a card. Reflect on the card’s symbols, the words and images, and play with how these symbols may be indicating a way to return to coherency. If what is present for you is a problem you wish to gain guidance on, then the card will reflect that guidance. It may not solve your problem, but it will point you to the energetic perspective that either leads to what you seek, helps dissolve the current sense of necessity for answers and realigns you to a deeper perspective, or speaks to a guidance that is a bit of both. If you did not present a problem, but simply asked the cards to help you come into a deeper alignment with Spirit (coherency), then they will speak to the perspective within which such an alignment currently resides for you. Simply reflect on the symbols of the card and allow them to speak to your current life situations. In any case, the general approach here is the reflect and “bathe” in the perspective of the card. Then, if you wish to get further nuance, you can draw another card to cast light on the first. Repeat as desired.