Wild Harmonic Coherency Cards
Shadow Deck

Within this deck there is a sub-deck, called the shadow deck. In a way any of the cards can be seen as having a potential shadow element, however the shadow deck speaks directly to some very specific energetic snags that awakened dreamers often face. If you draw a shadow card, simply draw a further card as the “remedy” for that shadow. Reflect on how the shadow is at play for you presently (and remember, it is a shadow so it may be difficult to see!) and then reflect on how the further card can provide assistance in reclaiming your energy from the shadow. In the case that a shadow card follows a shadow card (which happens more for some than you might think!) simply keep drawing until you get a non shadow card. Multiple shadow cards work together to help further illustrate the shadow at play, and the single remedy card will apply to all of them.

While the above example is a simple way to use them, the shadow cards can be used in a number of different ways. An alternative that I often suggest is to sort the Shadow cards out into their own Shadow deck and set them aside. Only draw from this deck if you feel an indication that you wish to delve deeper into the presence and operation of a shadow in the reading. This is most easily indicated if the Shadow Guardian card is drawn. Use this extra card shadow to shed light on the particular shadow that is at play in the reading.

Of course, sometimes a shadow is simply sensed, and so drawing from this deck whenever you feel it is appropriate is another approach that works quite well.