Wild Harmonic Coherency Cards
The Cards

Each card entry contains a number of reference points for reading the cards.


The card’s title is an indication of the energetic it represents.


The card’s illustration is both meant to be a symbolic interpretation of the title and an image portal for which to meditate on and discern deeper meaning in the shapes and colors.

Elemental Relationship

The card’s elemental relationship is used to both discern elemental energies at play and to find stating placements within the chakras for the card’s presence.


The card’s meditation contains a short journey into the card’s energies, guided by me, the creator of the deck. It is my hope that this information can be used to elicit reading meanings on different levels, including fortune telling (literal meanings), divination (symbolic meanings) and energetic alignments (hidden meanings).


The card’s inquiry is a simple question that might be asked while working with a given card in order to find the relevance and message. This combined with the meditation above will hopefully elicit further questions and ideas of your own.

Please use the card images below to navigate to individual card entries.