Entering Discovery
Body Wisdom

Celestial of Earth
As the celestial energies embody into the earth energies the inform an intricate inquiry into one’s form.

The body as cosmos, personal well being and the connection between body and mind. This card is an awareness of the inner and outer cycles of life, and how they play out over time. It is a tuning in to the body and asking for its wisdom; not just for health but also for the magical dreaming senses which it has access to but which society has covered over with mechanical objectivity.

I am taking life in. I am chewing on it. I am swallowing it down. I am digesting these experiences and casting out the parts that do not serve me. I take my rest and find myself in other worlds, where my body is made of light. When I return it is easy to dismiss, except that my body remembers, and invites me to let the wisdom in.

What is my body telling me about life right now?