Entering Discovery
Empathic Service

Celestial of Water
As the celestial energies embody into the flowing feeling of life the depth of healing relations emerge.

Giving, making an offering of oneself, finding where my needs and the needs of the world meet and going there with passion. This card is about one’s calling and how it materializes as being a service to others. This is not a dogma of self abandonment, but a genuinely self interested desire that is received in the world as something others need. This is doing what I truly love and realizing that it is the path of highest service to all as well.

Drinking from the well first, so that I have strength, allows me to then carry water to others. No one benefits if I collapse, depleted, and spill the water I would carry to nourish others. So I sit with this, and allow my actions to reflect both this wisdom and the knowledge that what nourishes me will nourish others. With this in mind I bring the water I sought for myself, having drank deeply, to the world.

What is it that I nourish myself with that I can offer to the world for its nourishment?