Experimental Inquiry

Spirit of Spirit
As the spirit of creativity meets itself it finds that curiosity and exploration are the core of its being.

Creativity, good attitudes, entertaining an idea, the willingness to make mistakes and opening to the creative impulses unique to me.
A card of “seeing how it goes” by both giving it our all and staying free enough to change direction if it doesn’t work out. This card reminds me that if I don’t know what I want, it is okay to try things on and see what I think.

To discover what I want in my life I must experiment. This means both an ability to try things out and, after doing so, an ability to let go of what is not fitting. While the ideas of others, of anyone from today or antiquity, are valuable starting points, it is only by the spirit of inquiry, the spirit of spirit itself, that I find the detached engagement needed to discover value for myself.

Am I approaching things with a fixation on specifics or a spirit of inquiry that allows for unfolding?