Entering Discovery
Ground of Being

Earth of Earth
As the earth energies meet themselves an undeniable potency of presence is revealed to have always been.

Stability, grounding, presence, patience and hidden power. There is a sense of time that is expanded far beyond the usual fixation, seeing the rise and fall and rising again. Though things change, this remains. This card points to both that which is most noticeable and that which is so ubiquitous as to be unnoticed.

I sit before, and as, this great mountain of existence, and feel into its depth; as itself so. I am made of this continuous presence, this same ground from which all things arise . Relaxing into the discovery I let my mind wander, for it too, every thought, is made of the same power. All that is, is this. To empower myself is to open to that which I have always been.

What power am I not seeing because it is so obvious?