Infinite Expression

Dimensional of Fire
As the energies of the dimensional expanse embody into the fire of will the endless wills of one’s being are accessible.

Drawing upon energies beyond/behind this incarnation, past lives, parallel lives, creative problem solving and opening to greater potentials. This card points me to the infinite possibilities, of which I am one, yet have access to, ultimately, all others. Through symmetry, personal myth, imagination and even contrariness I find strange perspectives that shed new light on myself and my life, encouraging my will to take previously unthought of directions.

Whatever the truth of the multiverse, I find I am in touch with wildly different ways of living, within myself, than the life I am currently leading. These alternate life visions are both commentaries on my own life and potential inspirations for lines of inquiry and action.

Who else am I that, in becoming such, I benefit the situation?