Entering Discovery
Internal Validation

Spirit of Fire
As the spirit of creativity embodies into the fire of will, external opinions lose their authority.

Protection, inner clarity, trusting my own sense of things and reclaiming personal power. This card is the cessation of giving my power away to external authorities. As I burn away my need to rely on the energetic-psychological energies of others I lose my interest in becoming like others, and open the portal and process of becoming myself and creating my world.

When I give someone or something authority in my life, I have created an external authority. This is a helpful hand as I learn, but a crutch as I mature. I gave them authority, so it is my authority by which they are granted power in my world. I can just as easily take it back, if I am not afraid of the responsibility of recognizing my own creation.

What ideas do I hold that give my power away to others?