Entering Discovery
Intuitive Navigation

Air of Water
As the interconnected intelligence embodies into the flowing feeling of life ingenuity is married to instinct.

Creative thinking, waking dreaming, trusting my sense of the direction energy is flowing and being able to flow with it. A card of funding a deep relationship with my sense of how and when to make my moves. It is a navigation, and the instruments will be both general to all and unique to me. It is learning the idiosyncratic language of my spirit and playing with the guidance it offers.

Below me the sea filled with currents. Above me the sky filled with the drive of the four winds. I build a vessel that allows me to travel between the two. I use them both to moe me in the direction I desire, but I also yield to them when forces indicate it is time to go another way. It asks everything of me, to risk it all, at times. Yet I would not want it any other way. I will take my journey as it comes, and learn to ride both wind and wave into my discovery.

How is it I experience intuition, and what is it telling me now?