Entering Discovery
Nourishing Roots

Water of Earth
As the flowing feeling of life embodies into the earth energies a reaching into the depths returns a bounty of enrichment.

Utilization of resources, nourishing the many sides of myself and the learning and knowing of what I need. This is a card of good medicine, connecting with myself in the inner and outer, in ways that nourish, heal and revitalize. It shows me how to wind around obstacles in order to reach my needs and the roots from which I can rise.

There is something just out of my awareness, something down in the depths beyond my knowing. But I know it is what I need, and I let desire fuel and guide my reaching. The nourishment I draw into me feeds both my striving for the light and my digging into the dark; nourishment grants me greater ability at finding further nourishment.

How can I locate and reach the deep nourishment that I desire?