Entering Discovery
Primal Pulse

Fire of Earth
As the driving will embodies into the earth energies a dynamic creation of buildup and release ensues.

Innocent power, sudden breakthroughs and awkward, yet rich, beginnings. This card is the explosive emergence of life. It is the child suddenly awash with adult energies, no longer one but not yet the other. It is a card of frontiers and the dangers that come with them. It is the pulse of power that one has not yet grown into.

Deep within the soil is a fire that drives movement. As the molten earth builds up enough pressure to break free to the surface and become environment, so too are the cells of life driven by an inner fire, a passion for change, to surge, to pulse and expand. The solidity that keeps this fire in check is also the walls of the pressure cooker, creating the conditions for emergence.

What within me needs to burst forth into being, to change the very ground upon which I stand?