Entering Discovery
Shadow Guardian

Earth of Water
As the earth energies ascend into the flowing feeling of life they reveal the hidden depths that pull one down until we respond with inquiry.

Rising in the face of life challenge and the deep enigmas of the unknown, unfolding self. This card is about changing my perspective about life’s problems from that of victim to that of inquirer. It is not as simple as “all clouds have a silver lining.” Rather it is taking responsibility for perspective and choice, to see what life is asking of me.

From some deeper plane of creation I have set my life down this path and upon it placed these stumbling blocks. Each barrier I face is protecting some hidden treasure behind it. The barriers will stand until I become that which can cross them. I must transform myself into that which can transcend the intimidation of fear to reach the gift that awaits beyond victimhood.

What are the problems in my life coaxing me to become?

Optional Expansion
Draw a card from the Shadow deck to further elucidate what this card is pointing to.