Entering Discovery
Spectral Maps

Air of Celestial
As the interconnected intelligence of all things ascends into the celestial realms it revels in the endless paths and portals it can come to know.

Reality maps, plans, philosophies and the superimposing of ideas onto life in order to see where that takes me. This card is reflective of this deck, a spectral map itself. It is an invitation to both recognize ways I am projecting ideas onto life, and reassess them, and encouraging me to learn better projections in order to benefit my life.

My language is the first map I may realize I am operating from. Below it are other, less discernible, maps which were handed to me through feeling and body language. From there I have collected and tried on numerous maps of many different kinds, that cover many different grounds in life. Becoming aware of my maps makes using them to enrich much more likely.

What maps am I following, and where do they point me?