Entering Discovery
State Change

Water of Fire
As the flowing feeling of life ascends into the fire of will it is boiled away to become something else.

Inner context shifts, perspective changes, new capabilities realized and situational flexibility. Whether I shift up, down, left, right or otherwise, I will find that my situation and options have changed, even when nothing else about a situation has. Becoming flexible in my states, knowing how to best use the, find them and leave them, gives me greater response-ability.

Water is set on fire and becomes something else entirely. Up out of the cauldron I bubble then rise, when the conditions are right, and from here I can make adjustments I could not when I was stuck in one form. Each state is an energetic state, a reference point for how things are. I collect them, learn them and use them with skill and grace.

How can I shift myself in order to be more able to benefit the situation?