Entering Discovery
Subconscious Reflection

Fire of Water
As the driving will embodies into the flowing feeling of life light is cast into the ripples and strangely enriching mirrors are found.

Signs, omens, mirrors, messages from the deeper self that enrich, protect and guide my life. This is the art of recognizing that everyone, everything, in my current awareness is a reflection of me. This is not to be taken objectively or judgmentally (as “facts”), though they might be, but rather as indications and points of inquiry for my dreaming attention to play with and see what arises.

My body is my personal interface with my subconscious, but my subconscious goes far beyond my body. This room I sit in, my near-subconscious; I can sense it only in a surface way normally, and must reach deep within to find where I can feel it, know it. This land I roam, even deeper into my subconscious; farther out of my cognition yet deeply effecting me. This world and Universe, farther and farther into my depth, hidden almost entirely from my view yet powerfully influencing me in every moment.

What is life saying to me, about me, right now through this experience that is before me?

Optional Expansion
Draw a card from the main deck to for guidance on how to view the interactions this card is pointing to.