Entering Discovery
Tantric Trust

Spirit of Water
As the spirit of creativity embody into the flowing feeling of life the edge beyond which we find ourselves transformed is found.

Exploring my edges, taking chances with the unknown and the willingness to be honest with myself. This card is the deeply transformative energies that feel threatening and overwhelming, but offer profound transformations if I can open to them even a little.

Life is a giant swirl of relationships, a tantric stew of shadows and light. All of a sudden I find the very chalice from which I drink my fill of life is tainted with poison. Or perhaps it is not. Perhaps I possess deeply hidden transmutational power that are kept in check because I am afraid of the experiences that will coax them out. Perhaps what I once perceived as venom becomes the nectar of purification once I let go of my societal mind’s primacy and allow my heart’s creativity to shine forth.

Where is my edge in life, and how far past my comfort zone am I willing to go to see what I am made of?