Wild Harmonic Coherency Cards
Transceptive Resonance

Transceptive Resonance

Water of Water
As the flowing feeling of life meets itself the sense of self both expands and collapses as divisions come and go.

Dissolving boundaries, transpersonal energies, the interpenetration of one another and finding common ground. This is a card of connecting through a soul conversation that changes us, revealing our potentials and limitations. It is the one that has become two, wondering at its origins, knowing there is no end to the journey home.

Flowing as a drop in the sea, the drop can loose itself and return again, renewed. Standing before another, a deep layer of our invisible beings is completely interpenetrating each other, completely intimate in a very real way. It happens just passing on the street. If you take it further, going closer, the vanishing of individuality can go even deeper. This is the ocean of the other which we long to swim in. It takes courage and respect to enter, and maturity to come back to shore to find our self once again.

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