Entering Discovery
True Will

Celestial of Fire
As the celestial energies body into the fire of will one’s core drive begins to reveal itself though action.

Living life as a personal work of art, breaking old patterns that no longer serve, overcoming great challenge, life purpose and centering within the responsibility of creating myself. Looking to what I orbit and what orbits me and assessing the wisdom or not of these relations. It is the summoning of the great strength needed to change my orbits so that I find my desired place in the cosmos.

No mortal strength will do, for I must move mountains, the mountains of my own life/self specifically. I am on a Promethean journey. I am stealing the divine fire, true will, back from the deception, the illusion of time, to bring it to earth, embodiment, this life I live now. This is the being true to my birthright as a spark of creation. This is the reclaiming.

Do my actions serve my true will, that which I know I am here to do?