Wild Harmonic Coherency Cards
True Will

True Will

Celestial of Fire
As the celestial energies body into the fire of will one’s core drive begins to reveal itself though action.

Living life as a personal work of art, breaking old patterns that no longer serve, overcoming great challenge, life purpose and centering within the responsibility of creating myself. Looking to what I orbit and what orbits me and assessing the wisdom or not of these relations. It is the summoning of the great strength needed to change my orbits so that I find my desired place in the cosmos.

No mortal strength will do, for I must move mountains, the mountains of my own life/self specifically. I am on a Promethean journey. I am stealing the divine fire, true will, back from the deception, the illusion of time, to bring it to earth, embodiment, this life I live now. This is the being true to my birthright as a spark of creation. This is the reclaiming.

Do my actions serve my true will, that which I know I am here to do?

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