Entering Discovery
Unfolding Path

Earth of Fire
As the earth energies ascend into the will of fire the fuels of will become the indicator of the path to take.

Finding my way of passion, knowing what moves me and choosing that direction. To find my path, my will, my heart, my desire, I turn to that which feeds my inspiration to go. Learning well what stokes my fires I am able to look for signs from life as to where to go to get what I desire. This knowledge also comes in handy in determining if a path has played itself out; a clear sign to either gather more wood or move on.

Starting a fire in myself is one thing, keeping it going is an entirely different affair. Fire follows the path of fuel; fire only goes where there is something to become alive on. Knowing what fuels my fires helps me to both know which direction to go and when a path has come to an end. Of course, very skillful fires can leap across a void to find a new branch upon which to alight.

Where does the fuel for my fire lay and am I going in that direction?