Entering Discovery
Unique Frequency

Dimensional of Earth
As the energies of the dimensional expanse embody into the earth energies the inherent novelty of each point of creation is discerned.

Individuality, perspective, self-honesty and the recognition of personal creativity. This card is the portal into life which is known as me. It is a direct recognition of the primacy of personal experience and a call to rise up as myself and play the part I am most inspired to play; the role which no other can.

Individual is a mysterious word. It means a separateness conceptually, yet in its linguistic structure it is pointing to that which is whole, undivided. I hold a transparent cube before me and gaze into each of its sides, into the inner cube. As I do so, each side I look into I am seeing into a different inner cube. This is the wonder of perspective. This is the power of paradigm. This is the gift and joy of personality.

Looking directly at it, being completely honest, how do I see it?