Entering Discovery
Uplifting Vision

Air of Fire
As the interconnected intelligence embodies into the fire of will a feeding of the fires of inspiration gives lift to the wind.

Transformative visions, galvanizing initiations, rising energies, poetic insight, meaning and the power to point the way. This is the stuff life paths are remade of. Though visions may find me as they like, it is only if I have prepared myself to grasp them and ground them, bring them back into embodiment, that I discover their true gifts.

I devote myself to being ready for this moment. My wings are full and strong so that when the warm winds rise I can take to the skies and see the world from new heights. Each feather in my span is touched by the experience, and I bring this energy back home with me, wide open to seeing how it forever changes me and my world.

How can I inspire forth a vision to spur me and others into action?