Entering Discovery
Victorious Silence

Dimensional of Celestial
As the energies of the dimensional expanse embody into the celestial realms they bring with them the reminder of where all celestial bodies exists, in the infinite space.

Peace, tranquility, silence, transparency and the letting go into the greater. This card points me to that which is behind all sound, form, light, movement and so on. I could call it nothing, but it is less than that. And it is silence too. It is space, allowance and absolute openness.

Silence is that which always is. Within the coming to be and passing away of the clamor of noise, silence is the space within which the noise can arise from and return into. Silence abides. It makes it all possible, and when faced with any seemingly insurmountable “noise,” silence, stillness, reigns ultimate in its unconquerableness.

What can I make better in my life by leaving it alone?