Entering Discovery
Visceral Listening

Spirit of Earth
As the spirit of creativity embodies into the earth energies a play of interactive learning, inside and out, ensues.

Deep listening fused with conscientious response, this is a card of doing our best. It is a dynamic, living expression of how beings meet. It is the situation of mutual insistence, but also learning the willingness to yield. Finding the moment, in each moment, is the only way to know whether to push or to pull. A responding to life halfway, ready, aware, allowing and strong, and above all curious.

Reaching beyond the solitude of instinct, but bringing it with me, I find a wilderness of dances to weave my way through. Reaching out with my senses to feel both how my presence moves energy and how the presences of others move me. In such a potential whirlwind, collision warnings abound, I must sink into my being deeply in order to remain adaptable, yet I must not forget to move with my own integrity first.

What is pressing on me from within and without, and how can I best move to respond to it all?