Psychic Alchemy

The many approaches to clairvoyance (“clear seeing”) do well to teach someone the basics of becoming aware of the worlds beyond the physical senses. However, they seldom teach a practitioner how to understand the nuanced and shadowing process that are initiated when one opens their third eye.

This class will teach a way of understanding subtle energies so that one can see how the psychic (“soul”) is moving and transforming. We will use the language of alchemy to clarify what we experience and inform what we can then do with it.

Topics include:

  • The dreaming roots of alchemy.
  • The colors and stages of alchemy.
  • A deepening understanding of crafting and tending the vessel/container.
  • An exploration of the many actions in alchemy, such as heating, cooling, gathering, dispersing, and others.
  • The approach of healing, manifesting and enlightenment.
  • Building it all into a practical lens for exploring and embodying the path of psychic living.

This class does not require any particular level of psychic development or training. The information in it will serve someone who thinks they are not even a psychic. It may help them to become so! For the experienced psychic, it is an essential exploration to bring more depth of soul into their seeing.