A Psychic Path Series

Unfolding the Magical, Mystical & Soulful Path of Embodiment

A 10-part full spectrum immersion in the craft of soul embodiment. We open the third eye with the arts of clairvoyance or “clear seeing” and traverse a path of wisdom, love, and power, reclaiming our soul, deepening our connection, and contributing to the forging of an emergent psychic culture from the mires of distortion we were born into. Establishing ourselves in the essential practices of a thriving psychic life, we expand our awareness and capacities to create a practical psychic path that enhances our everyday lives with soul-infusion and creates a radically empowering understanding that defies the expectations of the mind as we re-establish the heart-mind to embody our mythic dreaming.

Who Is This Course For?

This a course for those who crave a more profound experience of the intuitive life, who want to realize a path for themselves and others that engages the full experience of being alive and becoming a whole human. This course is a root to leaves immersion into the soul of the individual, the world, and all of creation. It is for those who want to live with their psychic eyes open, but do not necessarily want to become a professional reader or healer. Likewise, it is for those undertaking the path of being a professional psychic who wants to develop a radical depth to their understandings and practices.

This course is for all who seek to walk a thriving psychic path in this life and contribute to engendering our emergent psychic world.

This course is perfect for you if…

  • You want to develop your intuitive abilities to help you navigate all aspects of your life.
  • You enjoy guided meditations and visualizations and would love to get even more out of them.
  • You aspire to understand the chakras, auras, and astral awareness but find most approaches empty of depth, practicality, or engaging sustainability.
  • You want to know how to connect safely and beneficially with spirit guides, guardians, and other earthly and cosmic allies.
  • You sense that, or are eager to know how myths and fairytales have something far more to offer us as sacred stories of dreaming wisdom.
  • You long to awaken to your soul path and to feel fully integrated with the unfolding reality of the world.
  • You sense that topics like sacred geometry, alchemy, rewilding, and our secret cosmic history have far more to offer to enrich you and others than you have been able to find until now.
  • You have a natural empathic or sensitive ability and would love to forge it from being a vulnerability into being a power for the transformation of your life and the world around you.

No prior experience with meditation, being psychic, or any of the topics mentioned in the course outline is necessary—just a sincere commitment to learning and exploring the soul practices and perspectives as we go. If you are an advanced practitioner already, you can be certain you will find numerous gems to refine your approach within this course.

“The gift is not being psychic. It’s knowing you are.”

—Debra Lynne Katz

Session One:

The Ways of Soul

We open the psychic ways by exploring the perspectives & practices that create a strong foundation for a lifelong exploration of Soul.

Many ask, “Am I psychic?” The answer is always yes. To reclaim our soul, we must reclaim our psychic awareness. This is a process of shedding our old understandings of the mind, imagination, and life itself to make space for the return of an even older way of seeing what we are. We are soul and so is everything else. This is the most relevant shift we are making as we make our way into a higher world which reflects a more expanded consciousness.

This first session includes the ancient myth of soul, which speaks to our path of becoming psychic and helps formulate an orientation to expanded consciousness that is both sustainable and relatable. Woven into the tapestry of lore, we will practice the essential psychic meditation skills which form the foundation of a lifelong unfolding into life.

Session Two:

Psychic Seership

A deep dive into the direct seership practices that safely open us to the wealth of subtle perceptions in & around us.

Powerful keys to the psychic realm, the chakras and aura, will be explored in both understanding and direct perception, setting the foundation for the following sessions. Additionally, we will learn to work with the enigmas we call “psychic pictures” in ways that bring forth both the empowerment of the picture and the integration of that power into one’s life. This session is a tangible step into a far more interesting and alive world: the psychic path.

Session Three:

Psychic Dreamwalking

Expanding our seership to move beyond the body and into the other realms it is our birthright to access & utilize.

Usually called “astral projection,” we will explore a safe and easy approach to this realm of experience, which gives us access to a world just outside of our own from where we can draw energy and insight into embodiment. From there, we dive deeper and fly higher, exploring the above and below worlds, often referred to as the “heavens” and the “underworld.” This session takes our seership out of the body while still utilizing the alliance of the intelligence of the body so that we do not become ungrounded psychics.

Session Four:

Psychic Shapeshifting

Harnessing our seership to the exploration of iconic energies which we can utilize to transform ourselves & the world around us.

This session covers the arts of “running energy” which is a universal approach to health and wellness as well as being a practice that can tune us into different archetypal energies to play with in our experience. The master energy known as “healing” will be brought forth as an attunement, a portal into the path of shapeshifting ourselves and our world with the transmutational energies of wholeness.

Session Five:

Psychic Warriorship

Opening the portal of the Wolf-Raven-Dragon, we begin by reclaiming our energetic throne of sovereignty.

We will explore and develop the skills of psychic cleansing and protection in a way that is in balance with the forces of nature they draw upon. Developing psychic boundaries which are both adamantine and permeable is a high art of the psychic path. To clarify our warriorship, so that our skills are honed to reflect an empowered stance, we will look at the deeper energetic knots which tie us down and learn to clear them with decisive poise.

Session Six:

Rewilding the Chakras

The sacred ally of the Wolf Sovereign is the Raven Seer, whom we connect with to bring in the intelligences of the Land, Sea & Sky & become a force of nature.

We will learn to navigate the subtle and often enigmatic landscapes of the psychic by bringing our clairvoyance back into resonance with the wild life force energy of Gaia. This session involves a deep attunement of the chakras with the elemental forces of the natural world and a deep, energetic reclaiming of the whole psychic body. We will also discover ways to converse and ally with the spirits all around us to craft a better experience for all involved.

Session Seven:

Cosmic Psychic

Deeply rooted in the Earthborn we reach beyond the everyday into the higher dimensional realms of our greater origins.

Having sunk our roots deep into Gaia, we will expand beyond the Gaian realm both into the celestial realms and the pan-dimensional. We will reclaim, heal and empower our birthright of telepathy or “feeling from afar” and work with strange and varied allies both terrestrial and celestial to reconnect with the forces of the greater good. We will explore understanding of the different dimensions and densities of reality as well as some cosmic history, and with that come to an understanding of what is actually going on here on Gaia.

Session Eight:

Psychic Alchemy

Having gathered the many ingredients of our psychic path, we learn to brew them together with the ancient art of turning lead into gold.

Cultivating an alchemical mind is essential to yielding lasting value from the psychic path. The ancient ways of Alchemy provide a truly worthy soul map for walking the ways of the path with heart. We will learn to cultivate the alchemical container, work with the prima materia or “first matter” of our lives, navigate the variously complex alchemical situation that arises in an undertaking, and most importantly, tend to the fires which must always bring just the right heat to each moment.

Session Nine:

Opening the Mythic Mind

Firmly poised on the path of Soul, we open our Dreaming Awareness with the ancient riddle stories of myth & fairytale.

These stories, which come to us from the mists of Deep Time, are radically important allies on the path of soul. Mythic stores are the dreaming mind of soul and hold within them coded keys to alchemical perspectives that leave us forever changed. Fairytales, while similar in nature to the Myths, are more akin to being mirrors for the soul’s path of initiation. We will explore both as we reawaken our mythic mind and bring its unexpected treasures forth into our world.

Session Ten:

Traveling the Sacred Web of Life

As a waking dreamer on the path of soul unfolding, we learn to access the guidance of the first emanations, the Angels & Angles of Creation.

Putting the final polish on our soul gem, which we have forged through this course, we reach to the farthest beyond into the realms of the first emanations, the angels, and the secret keys which their sacred geometry brings those who learn to perceive it. Sacred geometry is far more than just beauty in structure. It is an origin story that, once digested, brings forth the higher dimensional energies from which we all are made into our living experience on Gaia.

Some of the many topics we will cover in this course…

The essential practices of psychic meditation; the body mandala, grounding, centering, and clearing out our energy field to bring in fresh new energy.

How mindfulness and psychic practices work together and how they are not two different approaches to meditation but two halves of a whole.

Understand how sacred ritual works so that we can create them for ourselves and others and practice them successfully for transformation and integration.

What seership is, and how each person finds their unique approach to being psychic.

How to safely practice astral projection and visit other realms of reality.

Working with different energies, such as those found in nature and out in the stars, and using them to awaken and recreate our world.

Becoming a no-nonsense psychic warrior by learning how not to be pushed around by the forces that attempt to prey on those who open their 3rd eye.

Learning to work with our shadows and the shadows we encounter in others and the world.

Learn to become a force of nature ourselves and cultivate vibrant, enriching relations with the spirit world, the elemental realms of Gaia, and beyond.

Exploring the hidden cosmic histories that have landed us in such a strange situation as we find ourselves in today’s world.

Learning to connect and ally with the other beings working for the harmonious unfolding of Humans and Gaia, integrating a true and practical understanding of telepathy that has nothing to do with mind reading or mind control.

Developing an alchemical mind through which to see the world and ourselves so that we are always working on turning the lead we are given into the gold we can give.

Diving into the Mythic Mind, a dreaming awareness we have forgotten we have access to, to relearn the myths and fairytales in their most intimate, heart-full, and alchemical soul-crafting language.

Understanding the nature and mechanics of interdimensional awareness and travel as we learn to integrate the many layers of our being into the wholeness of soul expression in this lifetime.

Note: Though this class has plenty of teachings for those who wish to be professionals, it does not cover the specific protocols of becoming a professional psychic. If being professional interests you, this course will give you a powerful foundation in all things soul. Then I would recommend considering Psychic Mentorship, wherein I am happy to help, in a one-on-one fashion, you gain the skills to be a successful professional.

What My Students Say

“The chakra teachings blew open possibilities for me when using energy. Each class was full of mind-blowing energetic insights, as well as exercises and techniques to connect to myself, and also connect with the world around me. Since the beginning of this course, I have found that I can command my energy more effectively, using it in mundane activities and strengthening my will in my magickal practice. I can’t recommend this course enough. “
– Ginger, Grass Valley CA

“Gabe is masterful in his creative expressions of the mystical realms. His objectivity and grace are easily transferrable to anyone.”
– Ruah, Maui

“Gabe creates a wonderfully flowing and connected space that feels like coming home. It was like stepping back in time to a place where magick was part of tribal life and part of my life. It felt like a remembering to me. In just one evening, I felt like I could unlock my first three chakras, something I had been trying to do for years! “
– Misha, UK

“After taking Gabe’s classes, my whole relationship with creation shifted. I approach my life as an artist with a sense of curiosity and play that feels empowering and exciting. I’m ever grateful for Gabe’s engaging and charismatic teaching style that makes dipping into this world of discovery, delightful.”
– Skye, Perth

“Gabe teaches meditation in a way that is both grounded and expansive. He approaches the chakras with creativity, humor, and deep insight. Studying with Gabe facilitated profound spiritual growth for me, and I would recommend his classes to anyone interested in learning about meditation for the first time or deepening their practice.”
– Julia, IA

“No one or nothing else has coaxed me into meditating for an hour. I can do ten, or twenty minutes on my own, but through Gabe’s gentle leadership, I’ve gone on long journeys through my body and the universe. I’ve experienced trippy, gorgeous, otherworldly visions and traveled through vulnerable internal landscapes, giving me greater clarity in my conscious life.”
– Marina, Maui

“Gabe’s classes have honestly transformed my whole view of the world! It has become not only magical but also playful. The amazing expansion of my mind and consciousness has led me to realize that 1) Life isn’t THAT serious, and 2) We are making it all up, and we are making nothing up. This has led me to a deeper state of mindfulness and clarity within my intuition than I have ever experienced before joining his classes. He has amazing things to teach, and holds the beautiful presence of humility in his role as a teacher. I am so grateful to have met and worked with him!”
– Lyndsey, Maui

“I highly recommend this course to everyone. It’s given me such clear guidance around energy hygiene. I’m so much more able to discern when I’m carrying other people’s energies that need to be cleared out and how this is just a necessary ritual that, when I do it regularly, creates so much more space and clarity in my consciousness and, in turn, my relationships. Gabe is a brilliant, generous, and insightful teacher with a gift for guiding students on a magical journey to greater self-knowledge and embodiment.”
– Jemma, Grass Valley CA

“I found the guided meditations engaging and have learned new tools to incorporate into my daily practice. Gabe’s approach to chakras goes wonderfully beyond anything you’ll get from a text book.”
– Cat, Auburn CA

“Gabe is a “real” teacher. Many have knowledge, but not all can present it in a way that is accessible to all. Gabe has an enormous wealth of information yet was able to convey it in a relevant and organized way. The material in class was so deep and important, I am still in the process of incorporating it into my consciousness. It gave me an entirely novel way to look at energy systems and my relationship to them. It was both practical and so unbelievably esoteric that I am not sure how he accomplished it!”
– Maria, Grass Valley CA

“This class encompasses so much more than chakras. This series upped my meditation game and opened my eyes to so many possibilities for working with these energy centers. Gabe’s wealth of knowledge astounds me, and I appreciate how accessible he makes this knowledge. My only complaint is that I couldn’t always sleep well after all the mind-blowingness (although I could usually settle down using the meditation and energy-clearing techniques from the first class).”
– Kat, Grass Valley CA