Meditation Classes

What Is Meditation

The heart of meditation is the direct knowing of our essential nature. The practice is a gradual re-aligning of our body, emotional and thought processes to the truth of our being. Such realigning is an alchemical process of subtle energies, whereby we do not reject our human experience, but instead, utilize it as the path itself.

About Class

This class is open to all who are sincere in their interest to explore a meditation practice. It is very approachable for beginners as well as offering much to the experienced to deepen with.  Classes begin with a brief discussion of the approach and end with some time for discussion. The practice itself is done with the eyes closed and is a mixture of gentle guided prompts, visualizations and open space to allow for exploration and integration on your own.

About the Teacher

Gabe is a Minister and Doctor of Divinity from the Order of the Ascended Rose, and a lifelong student and practitioner of spiritual mysticism. He is a devotee to the mysteries of awareness, the altar of the heart and the exploration of both the ordinary and non-ordinary alike. His passion, art and wonder ever reside in the play of creative energies that are life itself, and the attempt to reflect inwards and outwards the soul of the world in his own unique way. He is the author and artist of the forthcoming deck the Wild Harmonic Oracle, which combines the teachings of the psychic energy centers and elemental alchemy into a synergy of growth-fostering understanding.