Wild Harmonic Coherency Cards
Origin of the Deck

The creation of the Wild Harmonic Oracle Cards began some 15 years ago as I set out to create a divination system which would reflect the subtle energetic principles of life which I had been exploring through magick and mysticism. The end result is a deck of 65 cards. Each card illustrating an elemental/energetic/chakra relationship, revealing the subtle layers of life experience that arise from a deepening relationship with Creativity.

My desire for this deck is that people of many spiritual backgrounds are able to use it to reflect on their life path, a reflective and expressive inquiry which I call Creativity. This deck provides many paths to insight for spiritual practitioners of all kinds, including energy workers, magicians, psychics and sacred space facilitators.

Oracle Deck Guide

Once you have ordered the deck (or before if you like!) you can whet your appetite, by viewing all the cards and reading the book that I wrote to go with this deck, for free on my website:

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