Psychic Certainty – Its Necessity & Flaws

“If you cannot trust yourself, you cannot even trust your mistrust of yourself.”

—Alan Watts

To unfold as a waking dreamer is also to develop as a psychic. Yet the word “psychic” is so used and abused by myriad subcultures that people often hold wildly different meanings and intense reactions to what others say about it. So let’s break it down in Wild Harmonic style and see what trouble we can get out of.

The word psychic has its original meaning as something akin to “having to do with the soul and/or mind.” While in contemporary pop-sub-cultures, the emphasis has been put on the “mind” aspect of this word’s original meaning, you can be sure that the ancient ideas of mind from where this word originates had some very different notions about what “mind” was. For those who have found the word through other words like “psychology” and “psyche,” it has taken on a modern mental orientation. Such loss of meaning has gone so far as to necessitate a term such as “soul psychology” to steer one’s attention back to the original meaning, yet “soul psychology” simply means “soul soul knowledge.”

Psyche Means Soul (Full Stop)

In my writing, unless otherwise noted, I use the words “psyche” and “psychic” with the full meaning of having to do entirely with the soul. In some cases, this is in the sense of one’s personal soul, but more often than not, I am referring to the realm of soul as a whole, as a lens of perception through which we experience depth. Occasionally, there are some useful distinctions between the two (the singular soul and the realm of soul). Still, I believe that attempting to map such terrain so precisely and finally is to attend to the process of avoiding its exploration.

I have written elsewhere on my ideas of the alchemical process of soul unfoldment, also called Soul-Making. Such a process defies us to define it in a single container of description, for its very substance shifts shape; its very nature is to change. That said, a vital part of the process, which it helps to specify, is how the individual becomes more in tune with their intuitive or psychic senses.

How this manifests can vary significantly from person to person and change over time in the same person. Generally, it involves knowing things through intuition, spirit guides, communions with nature and the like, which are difficult to explain in the commonly accepted reality of a single, objective and entirely physical world.

Psychic Certainty Is Necessary

To develop one’s psychic abilities or soul senses, we must face a wall of energetic distortion that seeks to keep us from doing so. This is not the place to unpack what this wall is, though it can be said to play itself out culturally through our languages, mannerisms and trained modes of interactions with each other and, therefore, in our minds. To overcome this inverse momentum and learn to see with the soul, we have to muster a deep commitment to doing so, and we must bolster our awkward first attempts with a high level of positive validation. In the psychic training I have been through and those I have heard about from others, there is a considerable emphasis on encouraging the psychic student to trust what they receive psychically.

And this is a must to develop skills in this realm. Without learning to wield a confident certainty in our scrying, we will succumb to the endless doubting and second-guessing that the field of cultural distortion invokes in us and never get our foot in the door. Having teachers and peers that help us to learn confidence in our ability to develop soul sight is, for most people anyway, an essential part of the process of soul awakening.

Psychic Certainty Is Wrong

The problem with such certainty is that it is rarely coached to develop into discernment over time. Most professional psychics succumb to this blind psychic certainty, in which they trust that everything they perceive is not only factual but also critical for others to know and use. They market themselves on the angle that they are right and then proceed to psychic-splain everyone in their path that they can corner.

Even from such people, I have received some gems that I took with me, so I do not write off the role of a professional psychic. But in most cases, I find it best to approach it with the axiom from the Matrix movies, “the oracle does not tell you the truth; the oracle tells you what you need to hear.” By doing this, I am taking on the responsibility of discernment and respecting the alchemical process, even if the “psychic” is not.

Psychic Discernment Is The Way Forward

Having discernment in the realm of soul is as essential and entirely reliant on psychic certainty. Together they form a holistic approach that is impossible without their integrated, ongoing partnership. The trick is to untether our original certainty from its reliance on ideas about being psychic and instead to source our certainty from our beingness, our silent presence. This shift is both needed for clear soul-sight discernment and to liberate ourselves from our reliance on the hamster wheel of the shadow hero culture of endless self-improvement.

How do we find such discernment? First, we listen. No matter the source or how profound the psychic information seems that we have received, our first step is to always to sit with it. More often than not, with what we perceive psychically, it is more vital to allow the energy behind the message to affect us than to take it as objective information. To sit in the energy of a psychic message before jumping into an interpretation or implementation is a deeply veiled energy alchemy secret. Its practice makes discernment and embodiment far more accessible when learned and applied.

Examples of Psychic Discernment

This discernment can take endless forms as our discernment shape-shifts with the terrain it is navigating. The objective message itself can even be quite contrary to the message’s purpose. For example, going back to my Matrix reference, Neo needed to hear from the Oracle that he was not the one to become the one. Neo did not need the literal content of his psychic reading so much as the energy behind it as an antidote to his stymied unfolding of empowerment. Soul is rarely direct, for its aim is always to develop the alchemical process, and it will use any method at its disposal to do so.

Psychic discernment could be deciding whether or not to share something gleaned with another. It could be taking in what we have seen with open-minded neutrality and then “entertaining the idea” to see what it might be communicating. It could mean rising up in defiance of our message and letting its rejection fuel us. It could mean taking the leap of faith in what a soul vision relays, trusting that even if it is not leading to where we think it will, it always leads us deeper into the soul.