Coherency Meditation Classes

Coherency Meditation arises from the natural and harmonious merging of the simplicity of Spirit and the creativity of Soul. Classes begin with a brief discussion on the approach, followed by the practice itself. The practice is a mixture of gentle guided prompts, visualizations and open space to allow for exploration and integration. It is an ideal approach for the empathic and psychically sensitive to help ground subtle experiences and integrate them both into one’s practical life and non-dual awareness.

What is spirit?

Spirit is the ascending energy of consciousness that ever purifies, clarifies, aligns and refines through an endless unfolding of awakening, simplification and integration.

What is soul?

Soul is the downward, embodying movement of the complex and creative play of life that delves into the murky places, bringing the light, unfolding maturity and creating the deep roots that nourish a full life.

About the Classes

Each meditation session begins with a brief orientation to the practice. The practice itself is a combination of guided prompts, visualizations and open space to allow for exploration and integration. This practice can be done on a chair or on the ground and is open to all who wish to try it.

A suggested donation of $15 is requested. No-one turned away for lack of funds.

About the Teacher

Gabe is a Minister and Doctor of Divinity from the Order of the Ascended Rose, a trained clairvoyant and lifelong student and practitioner of many magical and mystical practices from both near and far. He teaches the cultivation of a life of awareness of subtle energies, waking dreams and the tending of the Psyche, the Psychic, the Soul. His deepest devotion is to the mysteries of Awareness itself, which are by far the most enigmatic to discuss yet can be said to be the altar of the heart. His passion, art and wonder ever reside in the play of creative energies that are life itself, and the attempt to reflect inwards and outwards the soul of the world in his own unique way. He is the author and artist of the forthcoming deck the Wild Harmonic Oracle, which combines the teachings of the psychic energy centers and elemental alchemy into a synergy of growth-fostering awareness.

Spirit is the essence of soul. Soul is the heart of spirit.

Spirit reminds us of the goal. Soul knows how to get there.