Wild Harmonic Coherency Cards
Uses for the Wild Harmonic Oracle Card Deck

This deck has numerous points of inquiry and practice. Some of them include…

  • Invigorating Divination
    The core purpose of the deck is to be a navigation point for your inquiries; it is never intended that the deck take you to a destination. To this end, each card portrays an energetic play within a creative’s life (you), that lends itself to not just contemplation, but experimental action/inquiries.
  • Chakra Energy Work
    The deck maps itself to a sublime layer of the relationships between the chakras that is often overlooked in the ROYGBIV approach that has become popular in the West. Any clairvoyant will tell you that any chakra can be any color (and more!), and this deck can help steer one’s cultivation of chakra awareness, healing and opening when used in tandem with energy work.
  • Spiritual Reflection
    Each card is a wormhole of exploration and one adept at path-working (using images and ideas to go on inner journeys) will find much material to play with in this deck.
  • Ritual Work
    Embedded within the deck are also numerous touchstones for western devotional/initiatory ceremonial work, and the cards can provide impulses for a deepening of embodiment of one’s circle and alter work.
  • Dreamwork and Shamanism
    Deeply related to the “Spiritual Reflection” use above, the cards can aid the journeyer with visual prompts for exploration and divined input on inquiries into the imaginal.
  • Energy Cultivation
    All of the cards in the deck are sourced from my personal inquiry into Shamanism and Warriorship, and reflect the course of gathering one’s energetic resources to engender an ever deeper relationship with Creativity.
  • Inquiry & Creativity
    My aim is that no card be the final word on what it represents. Using the various bits of information on each card can help a diviner to develop their own insights into these relationships, which could even better fit with their own uniqueness.